Nautical Gifts & Seaside Gifts – Spring Fair 2012 at NEC

Welcome to the latest blog from High Tide Online Gift Store – Nyform Trolls, Nautical & Seaside Gifts.

Hightide is pleased to announce we will be displaying this week at the NEC, Birmingham for this years 2012 Spring Fair.

We hope the snow doesn’t put many of you off visiting us this week! ┬áThe event itself will see 300,000 new product launches by us retailers and there will be 3,000 of us exhibiting over the course of the week.

There will also be plenty of speakers at the event discussing retail and the wider economy, with the message coming across that consumers are still spending their money, however it is a case of them being more choosy and careful with what they spend their hard earned money on.

Offer customers an excellent product with customer service as we do at High Tide and you will not go wrong in this climate!

We look forward to seeing you this week at the NEC!

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